Can Listening To Music While Exercising Increase Your Stamina?

posted Oct 24, 2020

by Mohit Pabbi

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Whether you are doing outdoor personal training in Surrey or heading to the local gym, you are probably one of the many people that listens to music when they are exercising. A lot of people listen to music when they workout to relieve boredom and to make their time exercising a little more interesting. Music can boost your mood, which in turn puts you in a better frame of mind for your workout. When you have music to focus on, it’s likely that you will spend less time thinking about how long left you have of a workout. However, music doesn’t just help to relieve boredom and put you in a good mood. Listening to music can also improve the quality of your workout.

The Link Between Music and Stamina While Exercising

A lot of studies have been done into the link between music and exercise, and many show that fast paced music can boost athletic performance. This is the case when someone does low to moderate level exercise. It can increase distance travelled, pace of movement or the number of repetitions completed in a set amount of time. When listening to fast paced music, a lot of athletes experience an increase in stamina and are therefore able to perform for longer.


Listening to music that is somewhat synchronised with your exercise can be hugely beneficial physically, as it encourages you to move your body in time with the music. When the music has a fast tempo or speed, you are likely to find your body responds by moving to match this. This can result in an increase in stamina, as your body instinctively wants to match the rhythm of the song.


There are certainly no shortage of options when it comes to workout music, with everyone preferring something slightly different. Whereas some people like to run to fast paced music with a noticeable base, others prefer to train to music that encourages them with motivating lyrics. There is no denying that a lot of The Sweat Coach training can be boosted by music. Whether you are doing a simple workout at home or a much more strenuous personal training session, music can help you to keep going and push through until the end. 


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