"I Don't Have Time To Workout" - 6 Ways To Eliminate Your Excuses

posted Nov 07, 2020

by Mohit Pabbi

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At The Sweat Coach, I understand that finding time to workout is not always easy. However, by eliminating your excuses, finding the time becomes a great deal easier and workouts become part of your daily life.


How to Make More Time to Workout

  1. Join Weight Loss ClassesThere are a lot of weight loss classes out there and they are ideal if you are struggling to keep up with regular workouts. It’s easy to talk yourself out of a workout if you are tackling it alone but paying for a weight loss class may be enough to ensure you attend.
  2. Get a Personal TrainerIt’s a lot easier to motivate yourself      to workout when you have someone who will hold you accountable, such as a personal trainer. A lot of people assume finding a personal trainer is difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. With a simple search online, you can find cheap personal trainers in the Surrey area.
  3. Schedule Workouts Ahead of TimeIt’s not uncommon to get carried away with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s the end of the day before you know it and you haven’t done a workout. To ensure you find the time, schedule workouts ahead of time. Choose a time to workout and ensure no other plans get in the way.
  4. Get Up EarlierEveryone would like a few more hours in the day, and you can feel as though you have an hour or two if you get up earlier. You can make use of the earlier start by working out. This gives you the time to workout, without taking time away from other aspects of the day.
  5. Find a Workout BuddyA lot of people find working out with a friend to be a lot more enjoyable, which reduces the chances of you finding something less productive to do. Plus, you are less likely to cancel a workout if you would be letting a friend down by doing so.
  6. Always Keep Workout Clothes HandyYou never know when the urge to workout may strike, so keep workout clothes handy at all times. This means that you will never be able to use not having the correct outfit with you as an excuse.
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