Why Tracking Your Fitness Progress Is A Lot More Than Essential!

posted Dec 12, 2020

by Mohit Pabbi

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A lot of people underestimate the importance of tracking your fitness progress, assuming it to be something only serious athletes need to do. Though it’s something that professional sports people do, it’s also something that regular people should do as well. Whether you have joined a new fitness class, or you want to lose weight through exercise, tracking your fitness progress is hugely beneficial in the long run. As well as showing how far you have come on your fitness journey, it’s a good indicator of potential changes that need to be made to your workouts.


The Benefits of Tracking Your Fitness Progress

  • Helps You To Stay Committed - Regardless of whether you have a personal trainer or you enjoy going to the local gym, it’s easy to lose motivation. When you track your fitness progress, you can see how far you have come and the progress you have made. This could be enough to convince you to continue, even when you feel like staying at home and relaxing.
  • Improve Your Workout Times and Performance - Though you are sure to notice the obvious improvements when you are doing home or outdoor personal training, tracking your progress allows you to see the facts. You can see how your workout times have improved, what you need to do to improve more and how your performance has changed over time. 
  • Allows For Workout Changes and Modifications - There is no denying the importance of regular workouts, but it’s not simply enough to do the same workout day after day. If you want to continue to boost your fitness, you need to make regular changes to your workouts. As your fitness improves, tracking your progress will show you where and how to modify your workouts to push yourself further.


Even if you are doing The Sweat Coach at home, I highly recommend you track your fitness progress as much as possible. Not only does it highlight the progress that you have made, but it’s a fantastic way to encourage yourself to continue on days when you are lacking motivation. 

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