Lifting Weights at Home: How to Safely Get Started

posted Oct 03, 2020

by Mohit Pabbi

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We are currently living through unprecedented times, as if you haven't heard that before in the last 6 months. But times like these encourage us to adapt, adapt how we live, work and of course, exercise.

With the gyms and leisure centres closed many of us have turned to pounding the pavements like something out of a ‘Rocky’ film to stay fit. 

However, with the use of social media and the likes, lots of us have been using our homes as our new ‘iron paradise’.

Strength training and working out by lifting wights is not just for the bodybuilders of Instagram. Us mere mortals can do it too, whether we are starting for the first time in our teens or looking to burn a few extra calories in our mid-forties or fifties lifting weights at home will do the trick.

Although, you can go throwing them around the house without proper form and guidance. You can get fit with the help of a personal trainer online, or on your phone. That way you can ensure that your weight training is accurate, efficient, and of course, safe.

Strength training is very much an underpinning principle to all of health and well-being, research suggests that this form of training provides the structure to good health and life longevity as we age.

Of course, if you've never trained with weights before the private fitness lessons may well be the way forward for you. As weight training can be a little daunting initially. But with the guidance of the Sweat Coach workout then strength training is safe for most people.

Leave Your Ego at the Front Door

The Sweat Coach helps you focus on form not weight. So, if you're thinking of investing on huge weight to make your garage look impressive, then don’t, not yet! 

Good form is crucial to lifting weights safely, use proper technique and aligning your body correctly will ensure that the weight moves efficiently through the exercise.

Lifting too much, too soon can result in injury and potential putting you off lifting weights again. Use weight lifting to your advantage by starting slowly, mastering the exercises, and building that lean muscle. Preforming slow and accurate movements will place the muscle under tension for longer, ensuring that the muscle will be used, broken down and repaired in new bigger and stronger muscles. 

Once you have mastered an exercise and can perform higher number of repetitions, then only then it's time to add more weight, with guidance. 

Control Your Tempo

When weight lifting at home control is key, controlling your tempo throughout all of your exercises ensure efficient movements.

Engaging the right tempo helps you to stay in control rather than the weight controlling you, which can be dangerous. Rather than throwing the weights around too fast, risking injury, it is important to control the weight both up and down across the movement. 

Again, this controlled tempo helps to place the muscle under tension for longer, encouraging rapid growth. 

Breath with Me

Adopting the correct breathing technique whilst lifting weights at home, or anywhere for that matter upholds all that you do towards your fitness goals.

Breathing throughout all of your exercise movements with help you gain that control, tempo and efficiency that will support your muscle growth. Inhaling as you prepare for the lift and exhaling as you work against gravity and push or pull the weight. Regular breathing will support your workout but practice makes perfect.

Regular lifting, with full rest days in between will help support your workout regime. You don’t have to remember all aspects in one session, The Sweat Coach fitness guides are on hand to support you through your weight lifting journey. 


Your muscle will only grow if they are challenged. Your body is very clever at adapting to its environment, so at home if your lifting the same weight night after night then your body will become accustom to it. 

At home, if you can safely perform an exercise with weights, with correct form for 10 to 12 repetitions then it's time to increase the weight. The exercise should challenge you and your muscles around the 8th rep, making the last two reps very difficult. That way you are encouraging your body to adapt, repair and grow ready for the next session.

Challenging your muscles month after month will force your body to adapt, and with a supporting healthy diet and efficient calorie intake your body will do just that. It will build and repair while you sleep, all under the safe guidelines of your online support.

Sleep Tight

It's all very well lifting weights safely at home, it's very tempting to pick them up every day and just workout “when you like”. But without an effective routine and structure your body won't be working in an efficient way to your health and fitness goals.

Strenuous exercise such as weight lifting causes your muscles to break down, repair and grow stronger. You are essentially damaging your muscles, which is why it needs to be done safely and effectively. 

In which case, rest is key. Full days off in-between even thinking about exercise is crucial, there is no point in doing the “odd bit” of training every day. Structured, well-balanced strength training needs time off for your body to rest. 

Sleeping well will underpin this rest period. Your body repairs, adapts and grows most whilst your asleep. So as part of your strength training structure you must ensure you get a good night's sleep and up to 48 hours off between heavy weight training sessions. 

Let your muscles grow stronger as the tears nicely knit up, whilst your sound asleep.

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